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3 summer driving hazards for Southern Californians

Southern California residents may not have to worry about snow and ice on the roads, but that does not mean drivers are free of seasonal hazards. Summer has its own driving risks as well. Being aware of them can help you to avoid an accident this summer.

Three common dangers you may face on the sunny San Bernardino and Riverside roads are tourists, teens and heat. Here is how to handle them to stay safe.

California's compensation cap in medical malpractice cases

When people in Riverside go to the doctor, they expect that they will be given a correct and prompt diagnosis of any medical problems and also get appropriate care. After all, they pay big bucks for medical care either directly or in the form wage withholdings for premium. Moreover, there are always outstanding medical bills even after health insurance kicks in.

A California patient who suffers an injury or a worsened medical condition because of the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional therefore should be entitled to compensation for all of their losses. Many times, simply paying for a person's medical bills and covering lost income is just not enough to really compensate someone for their emotional stress and physical pain and suffering.

What is 'strict liability' in a defective products case?

Unlike other personal injury cases, which are usually "negligence" cases, personal injury cases involving defective products are decided under what is called a strict liability standard. Many decades ago, California was actually a pioneer state in establishing this legal standard for product liability cases.

As the name implies, "strict liability" means that if a company made, designed, or distributed a dangerous product, then they will be financially accountable for the injuries that product causes. In other words, unlike other personal injury cases, a manufacturer cannot hide behind the fact that it took reasonable precautions to avoid harming someone, such as by taking steps to make or design a safe product.

We represent the families of pedestrians

A recent post on this blog described a tragic situation in which a Riverside, California, woman died after a vehicle hit her as she was trying to cross the street. Although this was a obviously a worst case scenario for the pedestrian, many other Californians, especially those in the greater Los Angeles area, suffer serious injuries when all they were doing is walking along a sidewalk or trying to cross a busy street.

Pedestrian accidents happen for many reasons. A distracted driver could simply not see a pedestrian, particularly if the person is walking where the driver does not expect. Motorists who are driving too fast for the conditions may not be able to stop for a pedestrian in time even if they do see the person. A drunk, drugged or even fatigued driver might literally not have the physical ability to stop. In most all cases, though, the pedestrian gets the worst of the ensuing collision.

Woman dies in Riverside neighborhood after being hit by car

A woman who was walking the streets of a residential neighborhood on a recent evening died after a car accident. The woman has yet to be identified, since authorities are trying to notify the woman's relatives of her death.

According to police, who interviewed witnesses to the accident, the woman was attempting to cross the street when Ford Focus hit her. When medical personnel arrived, the woman was barely hanging on to life and, eventually, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The 3 causes of defective products

Personal injury claims encompass more than just motor vehicle accidents and premises liability. They also include products liability, which is when a defective product leads to injury. Defective merchandise can come from even high-quality companies, as you may be aware from the product recalls you hear about in the news.

A product may be defective due to its design, manufacturing or marketing. Understanding each type of error can help you determine the cause of your injury.

It can be dangerous to rely too heavily on caffeine

Many California drivers think that if they are traveling on little or no sleep, they can always just drink some coffee or a commercial marketed caffeine pill in order to stay awake. While there is some truth to this perception, there are also some important details about what caffeine does and does not do to the body that drivers may overlook.

Unfortunately, the belief that caffeine prevents truck driver fatigue is common in the trucking industry, and many drivers might be tempted to use caffeine as an excuse to keep going when they really should stop and rest in the interest of everyone's safety.

We pierce through murky medical malpractice cases

Although Riverside, California, residents go to a doctor and other medical professionals expecting to get better, in many cases, this never happens. In some cases, a treatment or procedure may go wrong and actually leave the patient in a worsened condition or, in the worst cases, even kill the patient.

Tragically, bad outcomes are not always preventable in the world of medicine. All medical procedures carry with them the uncertainty of a bad outcome. However, in many other cases, a doctor makes a mistake or missing something that he or she should have caught. In these situations, the doctor has breached his or her duty to the patient and owes the patient compensation for the patient's losses.

Premises liability: Can I sue my landlord?

As a tenant living in an apartment in San Bernardino, you may believe you can sue your landlords for anything that goes wrong with your apartment that results in an injury. There are certain issues that property owners are responsible for that can affect the habitability of their properties and tenant safety. If they fail to handle those issues properly, you may have a claim for compensation. Here is a breakdown of what you should know about premises liability.

Property owners are responsible for making necessary repairs

Riverside head-on collision leaves three seriously injured

A recent head-on collision in the Riverside area sent three people to the hospital. Although the present condition of the three victims is not known, authorities who cleared the scene of the wreck said all three had suffered "serious" injuries.

The crash happened in the early hours of the morning along a major freeway in the area. According to police, one of the drivers had managed to get on to the wrong side of the freeway and was heading in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic. The car collided head-on with another vehicle that was traveling in the expected direction, crumpling both cars into piles of metal.


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