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Slip-and-fall accidents occur more frequently than you think

There are certain situations that California residents do not expect to be in; one of those being a fall incident occurring at the property of another. The thing is that the average person enters the property of public and private property owners very frequently; therefore, it should be a possible scenario whether it is purely accidental or based on the negligence of a property owner.

A slip-and-fall accident is actually more common than one might think. Many are under the impression that fall accidents are exclusive for the elderly population, but this simply is not true. Anyone of any age could be a victim in a slip-and-fall accident, and frequently there is a negligent property to blame when one occurs.

The dangers of sharing the road with teen drivers

Sharing the road with teen drives is an inevitable part of life, but it can also prove quite dangerous for you and everyone else on the roadway. Teens simply do not have the same degree of experience as older drivers, meaning they do not necessarily know what to do or how to avoid accidents when certain situations arise.

To put this in perspective, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that teen drivers were responsible for 11 percent of the cost of the nation’s car crash injuries in 2013, despite the fact they only made up seven percent of the population. Furthermore, some teen drivers are more likely to get into accidents than others.

How do you determine responsibility in a premises liability case?

It happens on a weekly basis. You enter someone else's property. Whether it is a private residence, public store or a government building, visitors of a property tend to be under the impression that the property is safe, and there are no risks of harm while they remain on the property. Unfortunately, some risks are not apparent to patrons. If a property owner fails to correct or warn against any known or potential dangers, this could result in serious harm to a visitor.

When an individual is harmed by a dangerous condition on a property, he or she could hold a property owner liable by filing a premises liability action. However, when taking such a step, it is important to understand the details of the incident and what was the underlying cause. This is the best way to establish cause and liability.

Class action against Amazon for defective eclipse glasses

We have products that are necessary in our daily life, products to make life easier and products to make life more enjoyable. No matter the reason a consumer in California or elsewhere has for purchasing a product, a consumer is under the impression that what they have just purchased will work the way it was intended to. If a product does not, it could make it worthless or even generate much harm to a consumer.

This is what is being claimed against Amazon in a recent lawsuit. According to reports, consumers that purchased solar eclipse glasses from the Amazon's marketplace claim that they were defective. While experts warned that it is possible for eclipse glasses to not meet the normal standards for eye protection when staring at the sun, a class action against Amazon was filed for selling insufficient eclipse glasses.

Understanding design defects and the rights of injured consumers

Whether it is a motor vehicle, household appliance, work tool, a computer or any other type of electronic device or product, we as a society tend to rely on these goods and products to make life easier. In fact, some residents in California may find it impossible to get through their day without the assistance of one or more of these items. While most manufactured goods are helpful and safe to use, their safety is dependent on their design being unflawed. When errors occur in the design process, this could result in a safe product turning into a dangerous or defective one.

What does it mean to have a design defect? A design defect occurs when a company generates a foreseeable risk to consumers when a product was manufactured as intended and used in the manner in which it was intended. When a product with a design defect injures a consumer, the injured consumer will likely have to show that the risk of harm could have been reduced or even avoided if a company adopted a reasonable alternative design.

Top 3 technological distractions on the road

Driving is something that many people do every day, and its mundanity might lead you to forget that it can also be a dangerous act. Indeed, there are many accidents every day that range in severity from minor fender benders to major collisions with fatalities. One of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of such an accident is to remove the distractions that put you at risk when you are on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving is responsible for close to 3,500 deaths in a given year, and it is no secret that technology is one of the most common culprits. Resist the following three common technological distractions if you want to stay safe.

Who can be held responsible for a birth trauma?

When bringing a new little one into the world, parents often focus on the joys of this event. While doctors will prepare mothers about potential complications and issues that could occur during labor and delivery, she will likely still focus on the positive and disregard the possibility that these events could occur. Regardless if parents are fully prepared for any outcome or not, when a birth injury occurs, this is likely due to the negligence of a medical professional.

Who could be held responsible for a birth trauma? The most obvious parties to hold accountable for a birth injury are the medical professionals that treated the mother and infant during labor and delivery. Whether they failed to take proper or timely measures or were negligent in the care of the mother, physicians, nurses and medical staff could be held responsible for their errors and mistakes.

Helping harmed patient navigate a medical malpractice suit

When we are injured or become ill, we are likely to visit our doctor or the emergency department. Because medical professional have years of education, training and experience, we rely on them to properly diagnose us and treat us. However, doctors and surgeons are people, just like patients. They are prone to errors and mistakes, resulting in them occurring during the diagnosis and treatment of a patient. Alas, these errors can be overlooked, causing even further damage and harm to a patient.

While no one expects to be harmed by the medical professional they are relying on and paying to treat them, this unfortunate situation can happen even when a patient closely monitors their care. At Peach & Weathers, a Law Corporation, our skilled legal team understands the pain and suffering that can follow medical negligence. Thus, we are dedicated to helping harmed patients in the San Bernardino area assert their rights.

Technology used to reduce fatigued truck driving

When it comes to semi-trucks and tractor-trailer truck drivers, motorists in California understand that most of these truck drivers are traveling long distances. Commercial trucks play a vital role in intrastate and interstate commerce, resulting in often trips taking several days to complete shipments. While these are necessary vehicles to have present on our roadways, they also present many dangers. One of which is fatigued driving.

Due to these lengthy trips and the ability of truck operators to drive long hours, exhaustion is likely to set in. Whether it is in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, a fatigued truck driver is very dangerous to have on the roadways. While federal trucking regulations attempt to address this issue through hours of service and mandatory breaks after so many working hours, this does not eliminate this risk.

What do federal trucking regulations look like in 2017?

While California residents are used to sharing the road with large commercial trucks, this does not mean it is always easy to travel next to one or several of the massive vehicles. Although truck drivers go through specialized training and trucking companies are controlled through federal trucking regulations, this does not mean all areas of concern and danger are addressed. In fact, as these regulations change, it can alter the impact the trucking industry has on the overall traffic safety on the roadways.

What do federal trucking regulations look like in 2017? Over the course of the year, federal trucking regulations are looked at and altered as needs demand it. And at an annual conference put on by the National Private Truck Council, these regulations are run down, updating the industry of current and impending changes.


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