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Were you hurt by a runaway trailer?

Tractor-trailers are enormous motor vehicles that are seen all over the freeways. They are extremely complicated to operate. It only takes a split second for a potentially devastating and catastrophic truck accident to occur.

A runaway trailer accident happens when the speed of the trailer does not match the speed of the truck that is hauling it. Oftentimes, the trailer may force the truck to veer out of control or the trailer can become detached from the truck, crashing into anything in its path.

Causes of runaway trailer accidents include:

· Overloaded trailers - making the trailer too heavy

· Brake failure - the trailer brakes fail to work in connection with the truck brakes

· Speeding - must drive according to weight of cargo inside

· Sudden turns - if the truck jackknifes

· Steep declines - the truck must slow down while descending in elevation

If you are the victim of a runaway truck accident, it is important to contact a San Bernardino Personal Injury attorney who has experience handling all types of trucking accidents and can give you the guidance you need at this time.

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