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The Minnesota Department of Health has cited Hillcrest Terrace for failing to recognized that the health of one of their resident's had deteriorated.

Emergency services were contacted, they report finding the man unconscious in a room that had mold, smelled strongly like urine and had no bed sheets, the health departments report say the man was suffering critically from low blood sugar and a urinary tract infection.

Hillcrest Terrace attorneys' say that the company cannot comment on a particular residents care and treatment. Hillcrest is the home to two developmentally disabled people and more than 10 people who have mental health ailments.

Earlier investigations show Hillcrest has been cited for neglect when a resident broke an arm and was not treated for one month. This case has been referred to the St.Louis County Attorneys Office for review of possible charges.

There Is No Excuse for Nursing Home Neglect

At Peach & Weathers, our lawyers are dedicated to helping disabled peoples who endure neglect. Families who complain about the neglectful care of a loved one are often ignored by nursing home administrators. Even worse, the concerned family member is frequently turned away with an excuse such as the lack of staff or the lack of time for proper training. No one should accept excuses for negligent care - there is no excuse.

If your loved one in a nursing home or other care facility is exhibiting the signs of neglect, do not hesitate to talk with a knowledgeable attorney. By taking action with a lawsuit, you may not only be protecting your family member's health and safety, you may also be preventing the facility from neglecting other patients. Contact our southern California law firm today. The attorneys at Peach & Weathers are committed to stopping the neglect of our society's most vulnerable citizens.

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