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Eating At Food Trucks A Safety Hazard?

Food trucks have become very popular around Southern California.

Many people ask, "Is it safe to eat the food that's on a food truck?" After all, the pizza, tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers and other foods smell so good. Is it safe to eat the food that's cooked in such a small area?

For the most part, the answer is yes; it is safe. Trucks are required by law to follow strict guidelines and they are inspected often.

Before you start eating that slice of pizza, check for:

  • A license should be posted in a spot you can see
  • Grade - it is required that the truck owner post his or her inspection grade on the window. If the grade is not good, your chance of getting a food-borne illness increases. A 'B' grade is not good and a 'C' grade is worse.
  • Gloves - make sure the operator is wearing gloves, especially if they handle raw food
  • Hair - untidy hair or hair that isn't pulled back could be a sign that the business isn't following safety rules
  • Food - Although deli sandwiches and salads should feel like they just came out of the refrigerator, soup and burgers should be piping hot.

If a food truck doesn't look clean of the operator doesn't appear to use proper hygiene, you should look elsewhere for a meal. You don't want to sacrifice your health for the experience or convenience of eating a meal out of the back of a truck. Food trucks are often shut down due to a failure to comply with health code regulations - dining from one almost always brings a risk.

If you or a family member have become seriously ill due to a food-borne illness, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Secondly, contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at the personal injury law offices of Peach & Weathers, located in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties so you and your family can get help coping with the difficulties caused by food poisoning.

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