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Myths about slip and fall claims reviewed, Part 1

Premises liability suits are prone to many different myths and interpretations. Some of these myths are due to media exaggerating the implications of a certain case or simply misunderstanding the law. Many states adhere to the traditional premises liability rules which can be confusing, even for attorneys. This post will go over the common premises liability myths to ensure that you don't fall for one of them.

Premises liability cases occur in a variety of settings. They can come up if you slip on some ice on your neighbors walk-up. A premises case can arise if you slip in milk at the grocery store. Premises liability cases occur when things fall on people. In short, a premises liability case may result whenever you are injured on another's property.

One of the first myths people fall into is that it was an accident and therefore they have no case. If you were injured on another's property and that injury was due to the landowner's negligence, then you may have a valid claim. You shouldn't let anyone else tell you different.

Another common myth is "hazard" signs that are posted on wet floors or to mark spills. The sign is not a magic immunizer from liability. The real test is whether or not the property owner behaved reasonably in cleaning up the spill or correcting the danger that leads to the sign.

Were you injured due to a negligent property owner? Then you may want to contact a lawyer. You don't want to try to assess these cases on your own. An attorney can go over the specifics of your case and help you decide if you have a valid claim that is worth pursuing.

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