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Three-car accident leaves one dead, another seriously injured

Lawsuits involving multi-car, fatal accidents raise difficult questions about liability. A car accident involving three vehicles left one person dead and another person in stable condition but recovering from a serious injury. The accident happened in Riverside in the vicinity of La Sierra University.

We represent the families of pedestrians

A recent post on this blog described a tragic situation in which a Riverside, California, woman died after a vehicle hit her as she was trying to cross the street. Although this was a obviously a worst case scenario for the pedestrian, many other Californians, especially those in the greater Los Angeles area, suffer serious injuries when all they were doing is walking along a sidewalk or trying to cross a busy street.

Riverside head-on collision leaves three seriously injured

A recent head-on collision in the Riverside area sent three people to the hospital. Although the present condition of the three victims is not known, authorities who cleared the scene of the wreck said all three had suffered "serious" injuries.

Fatal car accident occurs when two vehicles run red light

Drivers throughout Southern California function under the unsaid understanding that certain basic protocols will be followed to keep everyone safe. Stopping at red lights, staying at the scene if there is an auto accident, adhering to all general traffic laws and more are expected from drivers. Unfortunately, there are incidents in which a car accident will occur and it will be due to a series of violations like those listed above. When this happens, there can be injuries and even fatalities. Those who are affected need to be aware of what steps to take after the car collision has taken place.

Distracted driving research shows surprising, dangerous results

In Riverside and across the nation, the risks of encountering a driver who is not paying strict attention to the road are increasing. This is due to the number of ways in which a driver can multitask. Texting and driving, checking apps, using social media and other distractions are prevalent. Studies try to make sense of the information and determine who is most at risk. Sometimes, these studies yield surprising and worrisome results. Such is the case with a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

How should you react after a car accident?

A car accident is a traumatic event that can send you into a state of confusion and/or anger. When you are confused and/or angry, then you may do things that you wouldn't normally do when you are calm and prepared. As a result, angry drivers that have just been involved in an accident can make rash decisions such as fleeing the scene or getting so upset with other people involved in the crash that a confrontation occurs.

What types of injuries do you sustain in a car accident? Part 1

Car accidents occur every day by the thousands which is probably why people do not appreciate the extreme danger they are in every time they get into a car. Cars and trucks are several tons when they crash into one another; huge physical forces are unleashed which can substantially damage a frail human body. This post will go over some of the injuries you can suffer in an accident, specifically to the head and neck.

Fatal accident in Riverside blamed on airbag

When we think of fatal car accidents, the image that comes to mind is usually a negligent, distracted or drunk driver. However, there are times when these factors play little or no role in a car accident. Oftentimes, car part manufacturers fail to catch a defect or don't properly vet the parts that are used in today's vehicles, which can lead to exacerbated injuries and even death.

Smartwatches are the latest thing to distract drivers

Smartwatches are the newest and coolest device that demands driver pay attention to its notifications, rather than the road. Smartwatches are "watches" that have been enhanced with computers and display. Most smartwatches pair with phones and display notifications from the phone and track numerous metrics about your body, usually health-related such as steps, heart rate, and estimated burned calories. Smartwatches, thanks to all the additional data, are now also the latest device to distract drivers from their number one priority, driving.


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