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Who can be held responsible for a birth trauma?

When bringing a new little one into the world, parents often focus on the joys of this event. While doctors will prepare mothers about potential complications and issues that could occur during labor and delivery, she will likely still focus on the positive and disregard the possibility that these events could occur. Regardless if parents are fully prepared for any outcome or not, when a birth injury occurs, this is likely due to the negligence of a medical professional.

Helping harmed patient navigate a medical malpractice suit

When we are injured or become ill, we are likely to visit our doctor or the emergency department. Because medical professional have years of education, training and experience, we rely on them to properly diagnose us and treat us. However, doctors and surgeons are people, just like patients. They are prone to errors and mistakes, resulting in them occurring during the diagnosis and treatment of a patient. Alas, these errors can be overlooked, causing even further damage and harm to a patient.

Miscounting occurs in surgeries more often than you think

Whether it is a scheduled routine surgery or an emergency surgery, patients in California and elsewhere often have many concerns regarding the procedure they are about to undergo. While a highly trained and educated surgeon will conduct them, these medical professionals are still humans that are capable of human errors. A simple medical error could mean the difference between a successful surgery and the patient not surviving the procedure. Thus, patients harmed by a surgical error should be aware of their rights and what options are afforded to them following such a tragic incident.

Study: Medication error rate unchanged after 10 years

While the medical industry continues to advance and certain careers become more specialized, there is not an amount of training and education that will completely rid the occupation of errors and mistakes. While this may be due to the fact that doctors and surgeons are humans, thus subject to human errors, patients could also be harmed by pure negligence. Thus, when medical errors do harm a patient, it is imperative to understand how the event occurred and who was responsible. Being aware of this could help with holding that medical professional accountable and with the collection of compensation.

Common medical errors that have serious consequences

According to relatively recent statistics, over 200,000 people across the country die in hospitals each year due some sort of preventable medical malpractice. Many more, about 4 million patients, suffer a worsened condition or further injuries because of the mistakes of doctors and other medical professionals.

California's compensation cap in medical malpractice cases

When people in Riverside go to the doctor, they expect that they will be given a correct and prompt diagnosis of any medical problems and also get appropriate care. After all, they pay big bucks for medical care either directly or in the form wage withholdings for premium. Moreover, there are always outstanding medical bills even after health insurance kicks in.

We pierce through murky medical malpractice cases

Although Riverside, California, residents go to a doctor and other medical professionals expecting to get better, in many cases, this never happens. In some cases, a treatment or procedure may go wrong and actually leave the patient in a worsened condition or, in the worst cases, even kill the patient.

Medical malpractice cases can be tough, but we can help

Riverside, California, residents who have been victimized by the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional may be in for a tough legal fight if they choose to seek compensation for their injuries. For professional reasons, many doctors will not admit to medical malpractice even if the case is pretty clearly stacked against them.

Thousands of Californians infected by superbugs in hospitals

Thousands of Californians are dying every year in hospitals due to hospital-acquired infections. But, many of the families do not even know that their loved one died due to a hospital-acquired infection. It seems hospitals are recording deaths based on the underlying circumstances, rather than addressing the impact that the infection played in the death. This post will go over the dangers of this issue.

What should you do if you have a medical malpractice case? Part 1

Medical malpractice suits arise when a medical professional negligently commits a mistake which results in an injury to a patient. The mistake is negligent when it deviates from the standard of care that a doctor of similar education and specialty would have provided. Medical malpractice suits are designed to enable patients to pursue compensation against their caregivers. In this situation, physicians hold all of the power because they are the only ones that understand the medical nature of the issues present. As such, you may want the assistance of an attorney before filing your lawsuit.


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