Products Liability

During an average day, we use many different items to help perform a wide range of tasks. We depend upon the products we use to perform up to their specific capabilities. If you are injured due to the failure of one of these goods, you may potentially have a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the item.

In order to be successful on a products liability claim, you must be able to show that there were defects in the design or performance of the product that make the manufacturer legally responsible for your injuries. This is often extremely difficult, because the companies will often be able to demonstrate that their product is meeting all current safety rules and regulations.

The attorneys at Peach & Weathers, in Redlands, have a long history of success with in personal injury cases, including those involving defective products. We have recovered over $200 million for our past clients. Our lawyers are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve.

Our Role In Helping You With Your Defective Products Claim

Because of the technical nature of these claims, we often need expert testimony to show that the product had flaws in the design or used faulty materials when manufactured. We consult with the appropriate experts in the field, including designers and engineers, who can help us establish your claims. Examples of defective products cases that we have handled include:

Exploding canisters — which may be propane tanks or other storage tanks that have a pressure relief valve malfunction

Defective tires — tires that were not designed properly to be able to be functional at highway speeds

Dangerous medical products — anything used by medical facilities when treating an injury or illness, including high-tech medical equipment used to perform surgeries

Dangerous equipment — this may include heavy machinery used by individuals in the workplace that results in serious injury or the loss of life

Once we have demonstrated that the product in question had flaws that resulted in your injuries, we focus on helping you realize the true value of your claims. We will be able to help you determine the compensation that may be available to you, and aggressively protect your claims as things move forward.

We Are Prepared To Take Your Case All The Way To Trial

The vast majority of products liability claims will settle before trial becomes necessary. However, in some cases, the opposing parties may not make an offer that is reasonable. Know that we have been prepared for trial from the very onset of your case, and we have no hesitation heading into the courtroom to advocate for you. Our reputation for trial preparedness helps us obtain the highest possible settlement of your case.

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