Types of Injuries

A serious injury can create substantial costs for victims and their families. In many cases, ongoing medical treatment and additional surgeries are required, while short- or long-term disability or complete loss of income impacts their family.

At the law offices of Peach & Weathers, in Redlands and Riverside, our attorneys consult experienced medical economists, life care planners and medical experts in determining the financial impact of an injury on our client. Working with cost data maintained by HMOs and insurance companies, we present known costs applicable to our client's situation and his or her prognosis for the future. When gross negligence results in a wrongful death, we seek additional damages for pain and suffering and loss of companionship.

We Handle All Types Of Serious Injury Claims

The personal injury lawyers at Peach & Weathers represent clients suffering from all kinds of injuries due to the negligent actions of manufacturers, employers, property owners and automobile drivers, including:

Injuries resulting in amputation: The loss of a limb is life-changing. We will work hard to paint a full picture of your loss so that you can recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Injuries occurring at birth: When medical negligence results in a preventable injury to a newborn, we are there to help parents hold all parties accountable for their reckless acts.

Injuries to the brain: A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can not only turn the life of the victim upside down, but can also have a major impact on the lives of surrounding loved ones. We rely on a team of experts to help document the full impact and scope of these types of serious injuries.

Spinal cord injuries: Injuries to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis, necessitating lifelong medical care, modifications to the home and major adjustments to the victim's life. We fight to help these victims recover full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Understanding The Full Costs Of A Serious Injury

Serious head and neck injuries can result in additional medical problems later. A brain injury can lead to chronic pain, memory loss, equilibrium problems and headaches; a neck injury can lead to loss of feeling in the limbs, loss of mobility, chronic pain and weakness. At Peach & Weathers, our attorneys consult medical experts as needed in order to determine potential complications and side effects associated with serious injuries and work to obtain compensation for those costs.

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