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Can I sue if I am uninsured and another driver hit me?

You have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault. Another driver, one with insurance, hit you and caused considerable medical expenses. One of your biggest issues is that you are uninsured. Can you still sue and get help for your bills?

First, no two situations are exactly the same, so it is always a good idea to meet with a lawyer (many offer free consultations.) In general, though, you should be able to sue for medical expenses and lost wages. However, you are not able to sue for pain and suffering when the car is uninsured, according to California Civil Code.

Recovering the compensation you deserve following an accident

When we pass by other motorists, we do not often think about where they might be going or what they might be doing inside their vehicles. However, when we are at a stop sign or signal, we often get a glimpse of what the drivers around us are doing. One might be singing along to the radio, another might be taking a sip of their coffee. While these are common acts for motorists in California and elsewhere to do, there are some common acts that are extremely dangerous to do behind the wheel of a vehicle. Texting while driving is considered very hazardous, and its dangers are equated to those associated with drunk driving.

A distracted driver is frequently the cause of a serious motor vehicle crash. Victims are often caught off guard when a vehicle goes through an intersection, crosses over a centerline or rear-ends a vehicle they are following too closely. The injuries could be serious, and an accident victim may be left dealing with physical, emotional and financial pains.

The role of negligence in a California car accident case

If you suffered an injury in a car crash, you may be considering various options. If you want to obtain compensation through a lawsuit, a major component of success is showing the other driver caused the accident by acting negligently.

Many words have a rather different meaning in a legal context than they do in day-to-day conversation. Negligence is no exception. Understanding the basic principles involved can help; however, avoid making assumptions about the strength of your case without consulting a knowledgeable lawyer.

Defective toys often sold online after recall

Now that the holidays have come and gone and all your presents have been opened, you and your loved ones have likely had a chance to use your new items. Whether it is a household item, a vehicle or even a toy, as consumers, we expect everything to work as it was intended. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, and a defective or dangerous product could get in the hands of adults and children.

When hazardous toys enter the stream of commerce, recalls are issued. The recall process is used to not only put consumers on notice but to also take these defective products off the market. But these recalls do not always prevent toys from being sold or purchased.

Car accidents often cause neck and back trauma

When it comes to car accidents in San Bernardino, many people do not give much thought as to how fragile their bodies are until they injure them. Though car accidents are sometimes preventable, injuries are not always avoidable. Many people suffer grievous injuries to their backs and spines. They often end up needing long-term care and therapy. 

Back and neck injuries are very common in car accidents. The impact of collision often causes a great deal of strain on the muscles and ligaments in the neck and spinal areas. Accident victims may also suffer nerve and tissue damage in the affected areas that can result in delayed symptoms. It is not uncommon for some accident victims to feel a little sore immediately after crashes, only to realize in the coming days and weeks their injuries are much more severe. 

How can truck driver fatigue be addressed?

We all feel tired and over-worked sometimes. When this happens, we typically take a break and recover. Unfortunately, not everyone in California takes the time to do this. And, when it comes to truck drivers, this can be a very dangerous situation. Truck driver fatigue is a very risky situation as it not only means the risk of a truck driver falling asleep at the wheel but could also mean an accident involving multiple vehicles.

How can truck driver fatigue be addressed? Truck driver fatigue is primarily related to issues with hours of service. Federal trucking regulations were passed to address truck drivers driving too many hours without a break. Regulations were also passed to set a cap when it comes to the amount of hours worked in a workweek.

Helping victims recover compensation following a truck crash

Nowadays, individuals in California and elsewhere rely on the Internet to do their shopping. While this is a convenient way to shop for personal items and gifts, this also means more trucks on the road to deliver these goods. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are frequently used to ship goods interstate and intrastate; however, these large vehicles are prone to some risks on the roadways. And it is these dangers, which are often related to negligence, that could cause serious or even fatal truck accidents.

Because of the increased level of on-line shopping, the holiday season is a time of year where commercial trucks fill the roadways. Large trucks and delivery trucks are seen traveling at all hours, meaning may truck drivers are working long hours and late into the night. At Peach & Weathers, our law firm understands that fatigue and federal trucking regulation violations are often the cause of truck accidents. Thus, we are dedicated to helping victims in the Riverside area hold a negligent truck driver or trucking company accountable for a truck crash.

Rain causes more fatal car accidents than snow and ice

You may feel like you are safe while driving in the winter in Southern California because there is no snow or ice. However, statistics show that rain causes a lot of car crashes. In fact, USA Today reports that rain causes the most fatal car accidents, over any other weather hazard. 

So why is rain so dangerous? How does it contribute to so many motor vehicle accidents? Find out more by reading below. 

Nursing home negligence and your legal options

When it comes to our health, we do our best to ensure we are well cared for. This means being seen by medical professions. When it comes to well being of our loved ones, especially those that are aging, we take the time to ensure that they are being properly cared for while staying at a nursing home. Unfortunately, medical professionals in all settings can make errors, and these mistakes could greatly harm those being cared for.

Even when you well research the place you put an elderly family member in, cases of negligence and abuse could occur. The key for dealing with these mattes is being able to spot when they occur and know when to take action. Although you might be responsible for choosing the facility and putting them there, that does not mean you are accountable for your loved one's harms.

What are the leading medical errors making patients sicker?

We all think of a hospital as a place where patients go to be treated and cared for. While this is very much true, it is also true that some patients end up worse off after a hospital visit or stay. Although this could be simply associated with a patient's condition or illness getting worse, it could also be associated to medical errors and mistakes made by medical professionals.

Based on current statistics and research, if a patient is older than 65, there is a greater than 14 percent chance that a hospital visit will make that patient sicker. Additional research suggests that as many as 440,000 patients die annually due to preventable medical errors occurring in hospital sin the U.S. That equates to more than 1,000 preventable deaths each and every day.


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