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Why do medical errors occur?

We all go to the doctor, trusting that they will have the answers when it comes to questions regarding our health. While they have obtained years of education and training, errors can still occur. From the moment you are under the care of medical professionals, medical errors could happen at any point whether it is during initial examination, ordering of tests, review of tests, providing test results, reading the results, suggesting a treatment plan and following up with a treatment plan. One should also note that more than one person could be held accountable for a medical error, depending on when and why it occurred.

Why do medical errors occur? To begin, doctors are not geniuses. They are human beings, subject to the same human errors any one is. While many medical professionals are great at what they do, proving excellent health care to their patients, errors could happen at any point. It could be something simple and minor. A scan is completed and something is missed. And because it was missed for an extended period of time, the patient's health worsened.

5 other dangerous distractions besides texting while driving

Distractions while driving are dangerous and deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine people die and 1,000 people get hurt every day due to distracted driving accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, multitasking is a common problem despite the fact virtually everyone knows it is risky.

You probably already know that people who use cellphones while driving are harmful, but there are many other deadly distractions. Here are some other distractions besides texting or calling that may cause a crash. 

Understanding diagnostic errors

When we are ill, it is not always clear what is wrong. Sometimes a sore throat is just a sore throat. However, other times it could be due to an infection. Understanding the cause of an ailment helps with the treatment plan. This often requires specific tests that will provide results for medical professionals. But what if the wrong test was ordered or the results of the correct test were misread? These negligent acts could cause a patient to have a misdiagnosis, harming his or her health and wellbeing.

When errors in diagnosis occur, this often means there is a delay or a failure to diagnose a disease or illness. This in turn results in injury to the patient or the progression of the disease. Had an accurate or timely diagnosis occurred, harms to the patient would have been avoided.

Protecting your rights following a truck accident

At some point, all motorists share the road with large commercial trucks. When traveling next to a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer truck, the massive size of these vehicles is clear. Although automobiles can maneuver, speed up and stop much better than these trucks, smaller motor vehicles are no match to these trucks when they collide. A truck accident is often the source of severe damages, serious injuries and even death.

A person's life can drastically change when they are involved in a truck crash. The pain and suffering that follows is often tremendous, and a victim will likely require much medical attention to address his or her injuries. At Peach & Weathers, a Law Corporation, our skilled attorneys have many years of experience helping victims of truck accidents. We understand how damaging these collisions can be. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping individuals in the Riverside area take action by assisting them with a civil claim.

What risks do truck drivers face?

Unlike the average motorist, the average truck driver is tasked with driving long hours, often during the nighttime hours. While it is possible to train one's body to work at night and sleep during the day, many truck drivers still operate a large truck during both the night and daytime hours. This matter could generate dangers, as it is unsafe for a tired or fatigued truck driver to be behind the wheel of a truck.

What risks do truck drivers face and how does this present danger? Because dangers and risks exist in the trucking profession, the trucking industry has taken measures to regulate the driving hours of truck drivers while also employing additional measure to keep truck drivers and other motorists safe on the roadways. Nonetheless, truck drivers face many challenges, which translates to risks still existing on the roads.

Understanding a TBI following a car crash

Our head, specifically our brain, is a vital organ. Thus, when this organ is harmed or impacted in an accident, this can significantly impact a victim. Even when a head injury seems minor on the outside, what happens on the inside could be traumatic. Therefore, it is important to understand what happens to the brain in the event of a car accident, and how accident victims could take steps to recover compensation for this and other injuries.

A traumatic brain injury, or a TBI, is when there is damage to the brain as a result of external physical force, much like that caused in a car accident. This type of brain injury is not caused by something internal or due to prolonged lack of oxygen. While it is a result of an external blow or penetration into the brain, it is possible to suffer a TBI without ever losing consciousness.

Do I need an attorney after a car accident?

If you were recently in a car accident, you may have many questions still have no answers. Since every accident is different, the circumstances surrounding how to proceed after the crash vary on a case-by-case basis. The severity of any injuries that occurred, who was at fault and how or why, and how to deal with insurance companies are just a few of the many issues that may arise following a motor vehicle accident.

Some types of crashes and the cases that result from them are best handled together with the experience of a qualified personal injury attorney. Here are a few examples of situations in which you would be wise to consult with a lawyer about your case.

Three-car crash injures five in California

In busy cities in California and elsewhere, traffic can be busy and overwhelming. With a large amount of motorists on the roadways, it is likely that a driver not paying attention, driving recklessly or operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol could collide with more than one vehicle. Multi-vehicle collisions are possible in major cities, and they could be the case of serious and life-threatening injuries to accident victims.

According to recent reports, a multi-vehicle collision occurred in Glassell Park on the Glendale Freeway. The California Highway Patrol stated that the three-car crash involved a sedan and two pickup trucks in the southbound lanes of the freeway.

What are the causes for outdoor slip and fall accidents?

On a daily basis, residents in California and elsewhere venture to places of business to run errands and make purchases. When visiting these places, however, customers do not expect to encounter dangers and risks. Unfortunately, risks exist both inside and outside of these establishments. These dangers could cause a fall, resulting in serious injuries.

What are the causes for outdoor slip and fall accidents? For the most part in California, ice is not an issue. However, this can be a noteworthy cause of some serious slip-and-fall accidents. This dangerous condition could be the result of a careless or negligent property owner. Such negligence could also be the cause of other falls outside of commercial buildings.

Why wrong site surgeries occur

The word surgery is one that often instills fear in patients. While there is the fear that something could go wrong, there is also the concern that a surgeon might make a mistake. Surgical errors could happen to any patient no matter what type of surgery, and occur because of a medical mistake or negligence occurring in the operating room. Thus, patients who have suffered such a horrible event should understand how this could happen and what rights they have.

Even with all the advances in modern medicine, mistakes can happen. This means that wrong site surgeries could happen to surgical patients. Operating on the wrong side of the body, wrong body part or even patient could cause patients significant harms to their health and wellbeing. These events are known as never events, which mean that they should never happen.

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