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October 2009 Archives

Man dies in San Bernardino Car Accident

On October 25, 2009 Robert Hamilton, 37, was killed in a car accident, according to The Press Enterprise. Mr. Hamilton was traveling with a friend, Rick Batiste in Adelanto, when the vehicle went out of control, flipped over and landed on its roof. The auto caught fire. Mr. Batiste was able to be out of the vehicle but Mr. Hamilton was not, and died at the scene. Police are investigating what made the auto go out of control and catch fire.

Car seats for young children

In the November 2009 journal from the American Academy of Pediatrics there is an excellent article regarding booster seats for children 4-8 years old. It describes how proper booster seats reduce injuries children sustain if involved in a car accident. To read the entire article, visit A few years ago, the San Bernardino County Traffic Safety Task Force worked with the SAFE KIDS Inland Empire organization to educate families about the importance of child passenger safety. One of their goals was to clarify the some of the misunderstood points about California's child car seat laws. California laws require a child to sit in a safety seat or booster seat in the back seat of a motor vehicle until at least 6 years old and/or 60 pounds.

Big Trucks = Big Accidents

Big rigs and other large truck accidents can cause serious injuries. This is due to the truck's sheer size and weight. Many big rigs weigh over 80,000 pounds - compared to an automobile that typically weighs 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. This huge size difference makes it difficult for the truck driver to see every vehicle around the truck and this can be dangerous.

Wrongful death - same sex partners in San Bernardino

It is difficult to get through the day when someone close to you dies from cancer, a heart attack, or another disease, but when someone dies because of the negligence of another person, that seems unforgiveable. The law in most states allows the victim's family to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Seniors who slip and fall

Over 30% of adults 65 or older will fall in the coming year according to the CDC. The risk of falling increases with age. Falls are the most common injury for older people. A wet floor or a cracked walkway could cause considerable injuries. These falls will cause serious injuries, such as head or brain injuries. Hip fractures (more common in women than men) make it difficult for seniors to live on their own. Many older adults who have taken a fall become afraid that it will happen again, causing them to limit their activities. Adults over 75, when they fall, most likely will become residents of a long-term care facility for a certain time or for the rest of their lives.

Medical malpractice as I see it

I read a very interesting article in the New York Times regarding medical malpractice. The writer, David Leonhardt, said, "The current system appears to treat actual malpractice too lightly. Trials may get a lot of attention, but they are the exception. Far more common are errors that never lead to any action." I could not agree more with Mr. Leonhardt. I've been practicing law for over 25 years and in that time, I have tried many medical malpractice cases; intensely scrutinizing the medical profession and it's practices. I know that there are many more situations of malpractice than are ever brought to justice in a courtroom.

Beware of dog. And the statute of limitations.

A young man came into the office this week. He had been attacked by his friend's large breed dog several years back. This dog had crushed his forearm tearing muscles and severing nerves. He had to have reconstructive surgeries for his injuries. But he had been so conflicted about suing his friend for damages that he never contacted a lawyer. His injury affected his work and his ability to obtain new work. Still, he didn't make a claim, because he didn't think that his buddy could afford it. But very recently, he had a falling out with the dog's owner and came looking to me for assistance.

Socal Injury Lawyer Blog

Welcome to my blog. Every day, I get to experience the whole range of human joy and devastation. The stories of devastation, human struggle and triumph are not just impersonal tales of someone far away. I see it daily in my San Bernardino personal injury practice. I admire the will, grit, and sheer strength of the people who walk into my office everyday. I want to share some of that with you. The law is my passion, and I am lucky to be able to use my knowledge as an accident attorney to defend and uphold the rights of those brave men and women who come to me. 

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