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November 2009 Archives

Slip and Fall Causes

Everyone knows someone who is walking around minding their own business when all of a sudden they slip and fall. It just happens; there is nothing in the way. The person feels silly and makes excuses like being clumsy when he or she gets up. They realize they are in a lot of pain.

Illegal group home in San Bernardino - Elder Abuse

Did you hear about a 71 year old man, who drowned in a swimming pool in a group home? The group home is own by a 61 year old woman. The woman was arrested on suspicion of 16 felony counts of elder abuse, not to mention an unlicensed board and care facility.

School bus driver puts children at risk - San Bernardino

I just heard about a school bus driver, who made a U-turn in front of a pickup truck. The bus had 21 students aboard. Lucky for the school bus driver none of the students was hurt. The school bus driver was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor drunk driving (blood alcohol content above the legal limit) and child endangerment. It seems she was drinking the night before and the alcohol was still in her bloodstream. The school district will make a decision whether to suspend or fire her. She has been a bus driver for 16 years and has never been involved in an accident. Several parents called to say she is a good person.

Asbestos exposure - San Bernardino

Recently a neighbor of mine asked me to explain the dangers of asbestos exposure to her. I told her that asbestos has been linked to Mesothelioma cancer and exposure to it is very dangerous. Asbestos is a material used in construction. If it is fitted tightly into a product, such as house siding or floor tiles, there are no health risks.

Fashion photographer dies in car accident - San Bernardino

A famous fashion photographer from Brazil, Alberto Jose Serejo, was killed by Daniel Howell, a Joshua tree resident while he was under the influence of prescription drugs and inhalants. The accident occurred in front of the Joshua Tree Inn. Mr. Howell was exiting Highway 62, ran a curb and hit Mr. Serejo. Mr. Serejo was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

A violation of the vehicle code applies to bicycles - San Bernardino

At our family Sunday dinner, my nephew was complaining about a friend of his who was stopped by a police officer for riding his bike through a stop sign without stopping first. It is funny because in today's newspaper, I read about something very similar.

Carnival ride collapses and injures five children - San Bernardino

I recently read about a county fair where a teenager was thrown from a high-speed spinning ride. She flew into an aluminum fence. Luckily, there was an EMT close by. The girl, age 15, was in a lot of pain and suffered from shock. She was hospitalized.

Monster Truck Rally accident kills young boy - San Bernardino

Last month was the 12th Annual West Coast Monster Truck show. Proceeds are donated to breast cancer research. It was a good weekend and supported an excellent cause. Even though most had a good time, not everyone attending a monster truck show can say the same.

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