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How to avoid a dog attack

The weather, for the most part, is beautiful in San Bernardino. I actually see individuals and couples walking outside all the time. But in some parts, there may be feral or abandoned dogs roaming about. One of my neighbors asked me what to do ifshe encounters a strange dog while out walking.

There are many things to do but never throw anything at the dog or scream at it. This may make the dog angry and excite it. Avoid making eye contact but never turn your back on it. If the dog looks like it will attack you, give it your jacket, purse or backpack. Create a barrier between the two of you. If you are knocked down, curl into a ball, protecting your ears and the back of your neck. Other safety tips include not to pet a dog tied up in its yard by reaching through the fence, do not bother a dog that is eating, do not pull its ears or tail, and always let the dog see you first.

If the dog bites you, as soon as possible, wash the wound with soap and water and call your doctor. Contact your local animal control agency at San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control Program (800-472-5609).

I advise if you or anyone you know has been attacked by a dog contact a Dog Bite Lawyer right away.

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