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Pedestrian/Car accidents

For those of you walking in town or to school, please remember that if you cross in a crosswalk, look both ways. Pedestriansare required to exercise caution before entering a crosswalk or any road. Do not think a car will stop just because it should or because the light is green. 

If a car collides with a pedestrian, chances are a serious injury will incur. Of course, all drivers should know that appropriate care should be taken, especially near schools.

An accident is most likely to occur if the pedestrian ignores the traffic light or signs. Do not try to cross if a sign switches from 'walk' to 'don't walk'. Chances are you will not have enough time to safely get to the other side of the road. If you are already in the road, continue quickly.

Jaywalkers put themselves in great risk when they decide to cross the street in an inappropriate spot.

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds, even if the vehicle is going at a low speed, chances for serious or catastrophic injury is high - death is also a possibility. If you are hit by a vehicle while cross the street, contact an experienced San Bernardino Personal Injury attorney to discuss your options and possible compensation.

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