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What are lane-splitting guidelines?

With gas prices soaring these days, more and more motorists are taking to riding motorcycles to and from work, when possible.

Have you ever noticed that when traffic comes to a stop, motorcycles are zig-zagging back and forth between lanes? Many people think this is dangerous and illegal. However, sharing lanes is legal as long as the motorcyclist is not going faster than the flow of traffic.

Lane splitting is when a motorcycle rides on the line between two lanes, specifically during rush hour or traffic congestion. It is legal as long as it is done in a safe manner. The best place to ride is between the carpool and lane #1 because there is a little bit of extra room between the vehicles. When traffic is moving at the speed limit, lane splitting can be considered unsafe; the motorcyclist can be cited.

Excessive lane changes could be considered unsafe and if a police officer is close by, the motorcyclist can be cited. There is no specific rule as to how many times you can change lanes; a police officer will determine if it was an unsafe number.

Good news - the California Highway Patrol has developed a new public awareness campaign called "Common roads, Common Sense". It was created to help alleviate the number of motorcycle-involved collisions.

If you were injured because a motorcyclist was weaving in and out of the lanes on the freeway, contact an experienced San Bernardino Personal Injury attorney to determine if you can be compensated for your injuries and expenses.

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