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January 2012 Archives

Big-rig spills fuel on freeway

Once again Interstate 10 in San Bernardino had to be closed due to a big-rig accident. The accident happened on the connecting road to the 215 Freeway early the other morning. The truck went over the side, causing damage to the bridge railing, and spilled approximately 150 gallons of fuel onto the freeway.

Motorcycle accident case settles

Riding a motorcycle is more difficult than driving a car because of the fact that you are only on two wheels and have nothing to protect you in case of an accident. Riding a motorcycle becomes even more difficult when you have to deal with adverse conditions, such as heavy rain.

Big-rig accident shuts down the freeway

Reports indicate that a vehicle traveling on the westbound side of Interstate 10 in Montclair struck a big-rig truck late the other night, causing the truck to hit the center divider, spill diesel fuel onto the freeway and then burst into flames.

Auto accident near Interstate 15

A man turning left onto an onramp to the northbound Interstate 15 in Victorville the other morning was struck by a woman who did not stop for a red light. The impact caused the man's vehicle to split in two. Both drivers were taken to nearby hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Finding a safe & caring nursing home

Placing your loved one in a San Bernardino nursing home or extended care facility is probably one of the most difficult choices you will ever make. Once you decide on a facility, you hope that it will provide a safe environment and the most nurturing care possible - you are placing your loved one in the hands of their staff.

Injured by a drunk driver?

California law says that a driver is legally intoxicated after consuming alcohol if his or her blood alcohol content is .08% or higher. This applies to the use of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or even prescription drugs. A driver who drives drunk is considered negligent; he or she chooses to put other drivers at risk.

What is underinsured motorist coverage?

Did you know that your insurance company offers underinsured motorist coverage? What is that, you ask? California law requires all drivers to carry at least a minimal amount of liability insurance in order to operate a vehicle legally. However, not all drivers comply with this law.

Man was run over by a pickup truck

A 26-year old man was killed in Rancho Cucamonga when a pickup truck ran into him. The driver was seen walking away from the victim and then driving away without reporting the accident. Police are looking for the driver.

Big Bear ski accident

Unfortunately, the New Year brought pain and suffering to a 9-year old girl in Big Bear. An unidentified snowboarder ran into a 9-year old girl causing her injuries. The snowboarder sped away without stopping to see what he did or if the little girl was okay.

Teen recovering from a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident is not only devastating, but it can be brutal as well. Every year thousands of motorcyclists die or are severely injured. A motorcyclist can suffer a life-altering disability as a result of a crash.

Injured in a fire?

The remains left in the ashes of a fire are devastating. Not only do victims suffer from painful and disfiguring burn injuries and the loss of property, but the emotional effects of losing irreplaceable family items can take years to overcome. To make matters worse, they find themselves without the comfort of a home to return to.

Hurt in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcyclists only have a helmet and a thin layer of clothing to stand between them and the asphalt. They do not have the protection that a 3,000+ pound passenger car provides, such as seat belts and air bags.

Avoiding dirt bike accidents

San Bernardino County has many areas that are perfect for dirt-biking riding. Dirt bike accidents are common in San Bernardino and you cannot prepare enough for one. They are built for power and speed, as well as to handle rugged terrain, but they are also relatively light and can be difficult to ride in certain environments. The smallest error by a driver can lead to disaster.

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