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October 2012 Archives

Auto accidents and elderly drivers

Today, it seems more and more elderly drivers are on the road. Reports indicate that more and more elderly drivers are getting into accidents every day. Should elderly drivers be allowed to get behind the wheel? Should there be an age when they can no longer drive?

Student injured in a crosswalk

Reports indicate that the boy was crossing at a crosswalk in front of the school with other students. He had only taken about two steps into the street when a vehicle made a right-hand turn and rolled over his toes. No one even knew what happened until the boy complained of pain to the crossing guard. The vehicle never stopped. Witnesses did not get a description of the vehicle because the incident happened so quickly.

Nine big-rigs cause major traffic problems

What happened in the Newhall Pass recently could very well happen in San Bernardino County. Did you hear about the nine big-rigs that collided in two crashes? One driver was hospitalized after being trapped in the wreckage for several hours.

Woman falls from an escalator

A 64-year old woman in a wheelchair got off the Metro Red Line train recently and found out that the elevator from the mezzanine area to the street level was not functioning. She and her caregiver were prompted to take the escalator, which also malfunctioned - sending both women tumbling backwards.

Vehicle crashes into an aqueduct

San Bernardino County Sheriff's officers are investigating a Hesperia man who allegedly drove his vehicle into an aqueduct in the early morning hours and then left the scene.

Two good Samaritans injured

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, a 20-year old man and 18-year old woman, while attempting to be good Samaritans, were seriously injured when they stopped to help an accident victim and were hit by a passing car.

What is medical malpractice?

When an individual goes to see a doctor with an illness or ailment, he or she puts their trust and their lives in the hands of that doctor, under the assumption they will act carefully and responsibly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Tragic vehicle accident on the 15 freeway

An 18-year old Adelanto woman lost her life late Friday night when the driver of the vehicle she was a passenger in lost control as she attempted to merge onto the 15 freeway. The vehicle was pushed onto the freeway by an oncoming pickup truck. Both vehicles were then hit by a tractor-trailer.

Injured in an elevator accident?

With all the tall buildings in and around San Bernardino County, most people at one time or another have ridden in an elevator; some do it every day in order to get to their job or to a doctor's appointment.

Woman sustained first-degree burns

There are more than one million burn cases in the United States every year - killing about three thousand people and injuring more than 15,000. Two fallen power lines in Montclair caused first-degree burns to a woman and approximately $3,000 worth of damage the other day.

Recall on Globe bicycles

A recall has been announced by specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. for approximately 12,000 defective bicycles. The company has received four reports of injuries that include facial fractures, head and shoulder injuries and lacerations.

Man dies in a tragic motorcycle crash

Statistics show that more than 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. In addition, about one-third of multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents are a result of other motorists turning into the path of the motorcycle.

Back injuries

Back injuries range from a minor annoyance to some worse, such as a torn ligament, fracture, herniated disc or paralysis. A serious back injury can lead to constant pain, the inability to resume your job and lost productivity.

Tragic vehicle accident in Victorville

Many people believe that SUVs are safer to ride in than automobiles and that rollover accidents are relatively rare events. They are not aware that SUV rollover accidents are responsible for thousands of fatalities every year. They also tend to result in catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord, brain, broken bones, internal organ damages and amputations.

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