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December 2012 Archives

Safety at Holiday Times

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays - shopping, cooking, and running around - there's never enough time to get everything done. If this is the case, take a minute to make sure everything in your home is safe, especially around the Christmas tree and the lights on it. Keep your family and friends safe this holiday season

Rear-end accidents

One of the most common types of accidents on the road today is the rear-end accident. It happens when the car in front has a sudden deceleration and the car behind does not have the time to stop before it slams into the back bumper of the lead car.

Holiday time and pedestrian accidents

With holidays approaching, people are out and about doing their Christmas shopping, going to lunches and parties, visiting friends. People are walking and talking, and hopefully paying attention to their surroundings, especially while crossing the streets.

Were you hurt by a runaway trailer?

Tractor-trailers are enormous motor vehicles that are seen all over the freeways. They are extremely complicated to operate. It only takes a split second for a potentially devastating and catastrophic truck accident to occur.

Ford Motors and engine problems

You may remember that Ford Motor Company recalled about 16,000 2013 Fusions and 73,000 Escape SUVs with a 1.6-liter engine due to problems that could cause fires. The company is now stating that they have developed an after-market software fix that will solve the problem for both the SE and SEL models.

Falling on the sidewalk

Have you ever noticed all the construction that takes place in your neighborhood? The roads or the sidewalks always have orange cones around them. Because of poorly maintained sidewalks, accidents take place on a regular basis. These accidents are usually as a result of a raised sidewalk, or cracked concrete, tree roots coming out of the ground, potholes, etc.

Brain injury claims

Did you know what any blunt force blow to the head can result in serious damage to the brain? Even a minor head injurycan result in serious problems for the victim. Head and brain injuries are common consequences from the following:

Are you a victim of a boating accident?

California, with its beautiful weather and numerous lakes and waterways, has almost one million registered vessels. Every year thousands of people are injured and hundreds are killed in boating accidents. These accidents happen, not only in a privately-owned boat, but on a Jet Ski, ferry, row boat, canoe, or cruise ship.

Man injured in a construction accident

A 60-year old construction worker was in serious condition when a porch overhang fell on him, crushing him under the weight of the structure. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital with back and neck injuries.

What are punitive damages?

Are you aware that punitive damages are not awarded in every lawsuit that comes before the court? Punitive damages are awarded in a limited amount of cases - and only for specific types of bad conduct.

Big-rig accident causes delay

The 10 Freeway was a nightmare for those stuck on it the other morning. A tractor-trailer truck and a passenger vehicle collided, causing traffic to back up for more than 10 hours. The smaller vehicle was pinned under the large truck.

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