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Top Signs that You Need the Help of an Elderly Abuse Attorney in Riverside

Elderly abuse is a terrible crime in which a caregiver intentionally causes harm to the person they are responsible for providing care for. In most cases, the elderly person who is being abused is in a particularly vulnerable state due to illness or simply to due to advanced age. When someone is dependent on a caregiver for meeting their basic needs and are unable to defend themselves against abuse, it can lead to a terrible situation. Unfortunately, it's something that happens every day in our communities. Read on for our helpful guide to the top signs that someone you love needs the assistance of an elderly abuse attorney.

Sadly, many cases of elderly abuse are never reported. Perhaps the person is unable to communicate verbally that they are being abused or they are mentally unable to process the situation. No matter what the reason, if you see or even just suspect any of the following signs of elderly abuse, you should report it to the authorities right away.

One of the biggest signs of elderly abuse is a home or living space that is dirty, unsafe or in disrepair. You may also notice that the individual isn't receiving basic hygienic services and nutritional care. When someone is being left in a bed without adequate care or is regularly refused medical aids and medication, it's considered neglectful and highly abusive.

Another big sign that an elderly person is being abused are noticeable psychological changes. This could include unexplained changes in behavior, including not being interested in their favorite activities, or purposefully isolating themselves from others. You may notice signs from the caregiver as well, including being overly controlling about who visits the elderly person and being verbally abusive to their charge. If you see this type of behavior and suspect that emotional or psychological abuse is the culprit, call 911 or your local police department immediately.

Elderly abuse should never happen, but unfortunately, it is something that we all need to be aware of. Keep an eye on your loved ones and if you suspect that abuse is happening, your attorney can help you get the justice that your family deserves.

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