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Review of the top three personal injury myths, Part 1

Personal injury lawsuits result when one person is injured due to the intentional or negligent actions of another. Personal injury suits occasionally deal in novel areas of law or with unusual facts, so they attract the attention of the media.

Unfortunately, the complex reality of personal injury lawsuits rarely makes it into the press narrative. Instead, the media latches onto a few facts or points and ignores the nuance in the case. These distortions result in common myths that discourage valid claims or demonize plaintiffs; this post will address some of those myths.

Many people believe that large jury verdicts are not deserved. A famous example people like to quote is the McDonald's case which resulted in millions of dollars for the plaintiff who was burned by the McDonald's coffee. People often cite that case as an example of the excess of litigation.

But what many people do not realize is that the plaintiff, in that case, suffered severe third-degree burns all over her thighs, buttocks, genitals and pelvic area, she had to endure skins grafts and suffered permanent nerve damage. Furthermore, her case was simply the latest in a string of cases that stretched back years and numbered in the hundreds, so McDonald's was well aware that there was a problem. Additionally, McDonald's heated its coffee significantly above the industry average and the cups contained no printed warning.

This case is simply one example of how the media does a poor job of explaining personal injury suits, to the detriment of legitimate claims. When a large verdict is awarded, it is because there was significant evidence supporting extensive injuries.

Were you injured in an accident? If so, you may want to get the advice from an attorney. Personal injury suits are complicated, however, as illustrated above, they are not subject to over-arching myths and rules. Don't make any decisions until you consult with an attorney who can go over the facts and help determine what compensation you are owed for your damages. Don't risk your right to recovery because you waited too long to investigate your claim.

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