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Miscounting occurs in surgeries more often than you think

Whether it is a scheduled routine surgery or an emergency surgery, patients in California and elsewhere often have many concerns regarding the procedure they are about to undergo. While a highly trained and educated surgeon will conduct them, these medical professionals are still humans that are capable of human errors. A simple medical error could mean the difference between a successful surgery and the patient not surviving the procedure. Thus, patients harmed by a surgical error should be aware of their rights and what options are afforded to them following such a tragic incident.

Study: Medication error rate unchanged after 10 years

While the medical industry continues to advance and certain careers become more specialized, there is not an amount of training and education that will completely rid the occupation of errors and mistakes. While this may be due to the fact that doctors and surgeons are humans, thus subject to human errors, patients could also be harmed by pure negligence. Thus, when medical errors do harm a patient, it is imperative to understand how the event occurred and who was responsible. Being aware of this could help with holding that medical professional accountable and with the collection of compensation.

What are consumer rights when it comes to defective products?

When we purchase items, this is for a specific purpose. Consumers are under the impression that the things they buy will work the way that they were intended. Thus, when this does not occur, this is rather shocking. While this could mean a broken product, a defective product could also mean a dangerous product. And when a defective product harms a consumer, it is important to understand how their rights come into play.

3 tips for spotting distracted drivers

Distracted driving is a serious problem. Use of electronic devices causes up to 25 percent of car accidents according to a Governor's Highway Safety Association report. But texting is not the only distraction. Motorists could be distracted by eating, grooming or even being too engaged in conversation with passengers.

Helping you assert your rights in a products liability claim

In today's society, it is difficult for residents in California and elsewhere to get through their day without the help of various consumer goods. Whether it is a household item, a tool or a motor vehicle, individuals rely on these items to perform specific tasks. In fact, most people would be lost without the proper function of these devices. Unfortunately, these highly reliable devices do not always function correctly. Whether it is due to a manufacturing or design defect, a consumer good could malfunction. This not only means that a product is not working correctly, it also means that the item has the possibility of harming the user of the product.

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