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What recall remedies are available to consumers?

We all use consumer goods. In society today, individuals in California and elsewhere find it nearly impossible to get through a day without using some consumer product. While many of these products are very resourceful and helpful, the reality is that their usefulness and dependability is only as good as the person or company that has made it. Thus, when a designer or manufacturer makes an error, this can impact all the products in the line of commerce. Even more so, consumers using these products are put at risk for injury.

Common causes of motor vehicle accidents on Halloween

Halloween brings costumes, parties and candy galore, but the celebrations also bring more pedestrians, drunk drivers, distractions and other risk factors while you are on the road. You can prevent being involved in a motor vehicle accident this year by being aware of the hazards and how to counteract them

Study indicates electronic health records claims have increased

Technology is helpful in a wide variety of atmospheres and industries. When patients are admitted to the hospital, it is likely that they are encountered with numerous forms of technology in order to aid medical professionals and treat the patient to the best of their abilities. However, technology can fail at times, which means patient healthcare is compromised. In these instances, patients could suffer much harm. Whether it was due to failed technology or the misuse of technology, this could result in a medical malpractice situation.

The rate of medication errors has doubled since 2000

At one point or another, residents in California and other states across the nation will fall ill. Whether it is a minor or major health issue, medical providers will prescribe their patients specific medications to treat or address the ailment or disease. While this is an effective way to get patients back to good health, this is a step that is not without risks. Although medications are prescribed with specific instructions, quantities and duration of treatment, these details will not be effective if a patient was prescribed the wrong medication or was filled the wrong medication.

Do hours of service impact the risk of a truck accident?

When motorists in California and elsewhere pass large trucks on the roadways, they likely think of these vehicles making long distant shipments. We don't often think about where the driver is coming from, how long they have been driving or if they have taken enough breaks. These concerns, as well as others, are addressed through federal trucking regulations. Unfortunately, trucking companies provide incentives to making shipments ahead of schedule or asking truck drivers to travel longer distances over a certain period of time. This in turn can cause violations of these regulations, even causing a truck driver to work too many hours and become fatigued.

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