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Children near school vulnerable of distracted driving accidents

We all expect drivers to be attentive and follow the rules of the road because such actions and conduct are required when operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, technology, conversations and other activities cause distractions for drivers. Failing to take notice of these distracting activities and ending them could result in a serious car accident.

What you need to know about California's distracted driving law

Now more than ever, drivers are getting behind the wheel and paying increasingly less attention to the road. With so many distractions vying for a driver's attention in California, ranging from an overabundance of advertising messages, eating and drinking behind the wheel, and the constant temptation to use a cellphone while driving, the risk of causing an accident due to a distracted driver is high. 

What conditions are likely to cause a slip-and-fall accident?

As any California resident knows, sometimes accidents just happen. This could occur because one is clumsy, careless or even negligent. However, other times accidents occur because another party is negligent. This unfortunately could be the case when you enter the property of another. Whether it is public or private property, a property owner could be held liable for a slip-and-fall accident that results in injury.

Helping you take action against a negligent property owner

We often enter the properties of others. Whether it is when we enter a store, an office building, the post office or a friend's house, we are relying on the owners of these buildings to ensure that they are safe. Although we rarely question the safety of these locations, the reality is that many dangerous conditions are not obvious and apparent. Regardless of the type of danger, if it could have been noticed or fixed by the property owner, an injured visitor could hold the property owner liable.

The recall process of a defective medical device

Residents in California and elsewhere use consumer goods for a wide variety of reasons. While automobiles and household items are those frequently encountered, some individuals rely on products every second of the day. Medical devices can provide many health benefits to patients and, in some cases, are the very reason a patient is able to remain at home in a stable condition. While medical devices generate much promise and have success in patients, some are found to be defective. When a medical device has problems or is found to be defective, it must undergo the recall process.

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