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What is the most common wrong site surgery?

The word surgery is scary, even when it is a planned, routine procedure. Going under anesthesia could present problems, and patients in California and elsewhere are fearful of the complications that could be present. Nonetheless, many individuals go under the knife for elective, necessary and emergency procedure every year, many of them successful with little to no complications. However, when a surgeon fails to operate in the correct location, this is not only an unsuccessful procedure but a medical error that could harm or even kill a patient.

Risks of big-rig trucks on Southern California freeways

If you drive on any of Southern California's freeways, you are likely to encounter many 18-wheeler trucks along the way. While many truckers drive safely and follow regulations, there are also those on the road who are unsafe and pose a risk to other drivers.

Misuse of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes

It is never easy making major decisions for our aging loved ones. However, placing an elderly family member in a nursing home is frequently done, as it is difficult to care for him or her on your own. These facilities have the resources needed to care for the elderly, addressing any medical concerns and needs. Nevertheless, some nursing homes overstep their bounds, making medical decisions that could have dire consequences on an elderly resident.

What can you do following a hit-and-run accident?

People avoid situations for one of two reasons. One, they believe that the matter does not involve them, so they cut themselves from the situation. Two, they do not want to face the reality of the matter or endure penalties for it. These two reasons could help explain why a person might leave the scene of an accident. They may not believe they caused it and do not want to be involved, or they know they are at fault and do not want to face the consequences.

Holding a manufacturer accountable for a defective product

Thanks to modern technology, we can use a wide variety of products to help us accomplish many tasks. A microwave helps us cook and warm meals, a toy entertains a child, a flat iron styles your hair, a power tool helps build or repair an item and a motor vehicle helps us get to and from destinations. While these items help to make life easier, they could cause serious harms if they are defective.

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