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Young Boy Injured By Dog

Dog bites and attacks are serious injuries that affect thousands of Americans every day, with many being treated in emergency rooms. Unfortunately, many seriously bitten and attacked are children, who suffer injuries mainly to their face and head.

Are Dogs Really Man's Best Friend?

Even though dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, occasionally we read about a dog attacking a person and seriously hurting them. In recent years, it has been shown that dogs can become viciously unfriendly to men, women and children. More than four million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year.

Fontana dog-mauling hearing set

A Fontana couple, are charged with seven felony counts of allowing their five vicious pit-bull dogs to roam free and cause severe bodily injury to three small children. A preliminary hearing on June 2 will determine if the couple should stand trial.

Fontana couples allows 5 vicious dogs to run loose

A Fontana couple is facing seven felony counts for letting their five vicious dogs run loose - this incident led to the attack on three children out for a walk with their mother. The children (ages 5, 6, 7) were severely injured with bite wounds, a broken rib cage and a punctured lung. Animal control officers reported that the dogs were all pit bull mixes - one dog was shot and killed when it attacked a police officer. The others have been euthanized.

What can happen from a dog attack

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that there are about 800,000 dog bites each year. Some of the bites are severe enough to require a doctor's care.

How to avoid a dog attack

The weather, for the most part, is beautiful in San Bernardino. I actually see individuals and couples walking outside all the time. But in some parts, there may be feral or abandoned dogs roaming about. One of my neighbors asked me what to do ifshe encounters a strange dog while out walking.

Beware of dog. And the statute of limitations.

A young man came into the office this week. He had been attacked by his friend's large breed dog several years back. This dog had crushed his forearm tearing muscles and severing nerves. He had to have reconstructive surgeries for his injuries. But he had been so conflicted about suing his friend for damages that he never contacted a lawyer. His injury affected his work and his ability to obtain new work. Still, he didn't make a claim, because he didn't think that his buddy could afford it. But very recently, he had a falling out with the dog's owner and came looking to me for assistance.

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