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The dangers involved in drowsy driving

Whether it is due to work, school, stress, a night out or other life events, we all have a time where we just do not get enough sleep. While this can happen from time to time, having it occur on a regular basis can be very detrimental for one's health. It can also pose risks and dangers in the things that people do, specifically operating a motor vehicle.

Two children are killed because of street racing accident

Hollywood has the tendency to glamourize some activities. While racing cars on the speedway is entertaining, it looks much more exciting to race on the roadways. Because of that, some drivers take to the roads to race against other drivers for monetary gains. Although they find this to be exhilarating, the fact of the matter is that this is a very dangerous and risky activity. Not only are the lives of the drivers involved put at risk but so are the lives of other travelers in the area.

Understanding a TBI following a car crash

Our head, specifically our brain, is a vital organ. Thus, when this organ is harmed or impacted in an accident, this can significantly impact a victim. Even when a head injury seems minor on the outside, what happens on the inside could be traumatic. Therefore, it is important to understand what happens to the brain in the event of a car accident, and how accident victims could take steps to recover compensation for this and other injuries.

Three-car crash injures five in California

In busy cities in California and elsewhere, traffic can be busy and overwhelming. With a large amount of motorists on the roadways, it is likely that a driver not paying attention, driving recklessly or operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol could collide with more than one vehicle. Multi-vehicle collisions are possible in major cities, and they could be the case of serious and life-threatening injuries to accident victims.

Did negligence cause a bicycle accident?

In California, it is common to see cyclists on the roadways, sidewalks and bike paths and in residential areas. Due to the convenience of this mode of transportation, some residents use bicycles as their primary source for getting around. However, just like motorists, bikers are tasked with following rules while traveling on or near the roadways. When an accident involving an automobile and a bike occurs, it is important to determine what the cause was, who was at fault and if negligence played a role.

The severity of wrong-way crashes

Operating a motor vehicle is a common activity by most California residents. However, this activity is a privilege. It is a privilege that requires individuals to follow the rules of the road. This standard helps ensure safety on the roadways. Unfortunately, some motorists do not comply with this, resulting in serious and life-threatening collisions to occur.

Young girl struck and killed by alleged drunk driver

When traveling on the roads, it is clear that dangers exist. Drivers could be distracted, fatigued, reckless and even intoxicated. This puts other drivers and passengers at risk. However, these same dangers exist to those near the roadways. Specifically, when a pedestrian is walking at a nearby sidewalk or traveling through a crosswalk. When a driver is not driving safe, those nearby are put at risk.

What can you do following a hit-and-run accident?

People avoid situations for one of two reasons. One, they believe that the matter does not involve them, so they cut themselves from the situation. Two, they do not want to face the reality of the matter or endure penalties for it. These two reasons could help explain why a person might leave the scene of an accident. They may not believe they caused it and do not want to be involved, or they know they are at fault and do not want to face the consequences.

Recovering the compensation you deserve following an accident

When we pass by other motorists, we do not often think about where they might be going or what they might be doing inside their vehicles. However, when we are at a stop sign or signal, we often get a glimpse of what the drivers around us are doing. One might be singing along to the radio, another might be taking a sip of their coffee. While these are common acts for motorists in California and elsewhere to do, there are some common acts that are extremely dangerous to do behind the wheel of a vehicle. Texting while driving is considered very hazardous, and its dangers are equated to those associated with drunk driving.

Two-car fiery crash in Anaheim on Thanksgiving

This past week, the roadways were likely busier due to holiday travel. Residents in California and other states might have traveled a short distance or a long distance to spend time with their families during the Thanksgiving holiday. However, no mater the distance traveled, motorists could encounter risks and dangers, one of them being reckless or distracted drivers. When a driver is not paying attention or is driving unsafely, this could cause a serious or even fatal accident.

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