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How can truck driver fatigue be addressed?

We all feel tired and over-worked sometimes. When this happens, we typically take a break and recover. Unfortunately, not everyone in California takes the time to do this. And, when it comes to truck drivers, this can be a very dangerous situation. Truck driver fatigue is a very risky situation as it not only means the risk of a truck driver falling asleep at the wheel but could also mean an accident involving multiple vehicles.

Helping victims recover compensation following a truck crash

Nowadays, individuals in California and elsewhere rely on the Internet to do their shopping. While this is a convenient way to shop for personal items and gifts, this also means more trucks on the road to deliver these goods. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are frequently used to ship goods interstate and intrastate; however, these large vehicles are prone to some risks on the roadways. And it is these dangers, which are often related to negligence, that could cause serious or even fatal truck accidents.

Do hours of service impact the risk of a truck accident?

When motorists in California and elsewhere pass large trucks on the roadways, they likely think of these vehicles making long distant shipments. We don't often think about where the driver is coming from, how long they have been driving or if they have taken enough breaks. These concerns, as well as others, are addressed through federal trucking regulations. Unfortunately, trucking companies provide incentives to making shipments ahead of schedule or asking truck drivers to travel longer distances over a certain period of time. This in turn can cause violations of these regulations, even causing a truck driver to work too many hours and become fatigued.

Advocating for the rights of truck accident victims

California is home to a wide variety of people who drive a range of vehicles. One type of motor vehicle drivers tend to encounter during their daily commute is a commercial truck. Motorists frequently encounter large trucks on major and minor roadways en route to their final destinations. While these large vehicles play a vital role in our nation's economy, they are also the source of some of the most serious motor vehicle accidents on the roadways.

Technology used to reduce fatigued truck driving

When it comes to semi-trucks and tractor-trailer truck drivers, motorists in California understand that most of these truck drivers are traveling long distances. Commercial trucks play a vital role in intrastate and interstate commerce, resulting in often trips taking several days to complete shipments. While these are necessary vehicles to have present on our roadways, they also present many dangers. One of which is fatigued driving.

What do federal trucking regulations look like in 2017?

While California residents are used to sharing the road with large commercial trucks, this does not mean it is always easy to travel next to one or several of the massive vehicles. Although truck drivers go through specialized training and trucking companies are controlled through federal trucking regulations, this does not mean all areas of concern and danger are addressed. In fact, as these regulations change, it can alter the impact the trucking industry has on the overall traffic safety on the roadways.

It can be dangerous to rely too heavily on caffeine

Many California drivers think that if they are traveling on little or no sleep, they can always just drink some coffee or a commercial marketed caffeine pill in order to stay awake. While there is some truth to this perception, there are also some important details about what caffeine does and does not do to the body that drivers may overlook.

Commercial truck accident causes by the numbers

Commercial trucks are responsible for a disproportionate number of injuries and fatalities, relative to their number of vehicles on the road. To study the causes of these accidents (and hopefully reduce or prevent them), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) studied 963 trucking accidents in 17 states and collated their results into a single study. This post will go over those results and how you might protect yourself on the road.

A review of the danger zones around semi-trucks

Collisions with semi-trucks are incredibly dangerous. Trucks are large and tend to cause an outsize number of fatalities about their presence on the road. In 2014, 3,660 fatalities were involved with commercial trucks. The majority of these fatalities occurred in one of the four deadly no-zones around trucks.


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