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Choosing an Attorney with Experience

Sooner or later most people will need a law firm for some reason. No matter how big or small your case is the prospect of choosing an attorney is almost always overwhelming and a bit stressful.

Hands Free Texting Banned in California

Drivers under the age of 18 would be banned from texting while driving even if they use hands-free devices, under a cleanup bill approved by the state Senate. According to a news report in The Associated Press, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen said a bill passed last year did not specifically exempt teenagers when it allowed California's drivers to use voice-operated and hands-free devices to dictate, send or listen to text messages while driving. The bill (SB 194), proposed by Senator Cathleen Gagliani, will close that loophole. The bill has received bipartisan support and was approved on a 35-3 vote. It has been sent to the Assembly.

What type of liability do cruise lines have?

As the horror stories surrounding the recent cruise ship disasters begin to surface, many residents here in California have begun to wonder what sort of liability cruise lines have when it comes to the safety of their passengers.

Lucky Corvette driver comes out unscathed

A fortunate Chevy Corvette Z06 driver in California last week came away from a horrifying crash with only a few scrapes and a story he'll never forget after smashing into the rear of a semi trailer - exactly the kind of crash that a new report says results in death too often, due to lax standards for the trailer guards that are supposed to protect drivers. This accident, caught by the Los Angeles Fire Department on Interstate 405, wasn't fatal thanks to the Corvette driver ducking just as his car rammed into the rear of the moving van.

California emergency rooms

In the late summer months is uncertain what kind of treatment you may receive in a local ER since it is usually the time when medical residents begin their training.Their name tag might say M.D. but they are deep in on-the-job training mode.

Dangerous California roads

Not all vehicle accidents are the result of another person's negligent actions. Some occur because of improper maintenance or poor design of the road - many California roads are curvy, especially mountain roads.

Auto accidents and elderly drivers

Today, it seems more and more elderly drivers are on the road. Reports indicate that more and more elderly drivers are getting into accidents every day. Should elderly drivers be allowed to get behind the wheel? Should there be an age when they can no longer drive?

Traveling on a dangerous road

With all the roads in California, driver negligence is not always the factor contributing to an accident. Along with the beautiful weather and scenery, California also has poorly maintained roads. There are many times when poor design or failure to provide proper warnings of danger ahead are the reasons for an accident.

San Bernardino truck accidents

When an individual is involved in a car accident, he or she could be seriously injured. Just imagine the outcome when that individual is involved in a truck accident that weighs more than ten times the amount of an automobile. Did you know that there is a truck accident every 20 minutes or less in the United States?

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