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What is the most common wrong site surgery?

The word surgery is scary, even when it is a planned, routine procedure. Going under anesthesia could present problems, and patients in California and elsewhere are fearful of the complications that could be present. Nonetheless, many individuals go under the knife for elective, necessary and emergency procedure every year, many of them successful with little to no complications. However, when a surgeon fails to operate in the correct location, this is not only an unsuccessful procedure but a medical error that could harm or even kill a patient.

Misuse of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes

It is never easy making major decisions for our aging loved ones. However, placing an elderly family member in a nursing home is frequently done, as it is difficult to care for him or her on your own. These facilities have the resources needed to care for the elderly, addressing any medical concerns and needs. Nevertheless, some nursing homes overstep their bounds, making medical decisions that could have dire consequences on an elderly resident.

Nursing home negligence and your legal options

When it comes to our health, we do our best to ensure we are well cared for. This means being seen by medical professions. When it comes to well being of our loved ones, especially those that are aging, we take the time to ensure that they are being properly cared for while staying at a nursing home. Unfortunately, medical professionals in all settings can make errors, and these mistakes could greatly harm those being cared for.

What are the leading medical errors making patients sicker?

We all think of a hospital as a place where patients go to be treated and cared for. While this is very much true, it is also true that some patients end up worse off after a hospital visit or stay. Although this could be simply associated with a patient's condition or illness getting worse, it could also be associated to medical errors and mistakes made by medical professionals.

Study indicates electronic health records claims have increased

Technology is helpful in a wide variety of atmospheres and industries. When patients are admitted to the hospital, it is likely that they are encountered with numerous forms of technology in order to aid medical professionals and treat the patient to the best of their abilities. However, technology can fail at times, which means patient healthcare is compromised. In these instances, patients could suffer much harm. Whether it was due to failed technology or the misuse of technology, this could result in a medical malpractice situation.

The rate of medication errors has doubled since 2000

At one point or another, residents in California and other states across the nation will fall ill. Whether it is a minor or major health issue, medical providers will prescribe their patients specific medications to treat or address the ailment or disease. While this is an effective way to get patients back to good health, this is a step that is not without risks. Although medications are prescribed with specific instructions, quantities and duration of treatment, these details will not be effective if a patient was prescribed the wrong medication or was filled the wrong medication.

Who can be held responsible for a birth trauma?

When bringing a new little one into the world, parents often focus on the joys of this event. While doctors will prepare mothers about potential complications and issues that could occur during labor and delivery, she will likely still focus on the positive and disregard the possibility that these events could occur. Regardless if parents are fully prepared for any outcome or not, when a birth injury occurs, this is likely due to the negligence of a medical professional.

Helping harmed patient navigate a medical malpractice suit

When we are injured or become ill, we are likely to visit our doctor or the emergency department. Because medical professional have years of education, training and experience, we rely on them to properly diagnose us and treat us. However, doctors and surgeons are people, just like patients. They are prone to errors and mistakes, resulting in them occurring during the diagnosis and treatment of a patient. Alas, these errors can be overlooked, causing even further damage and harm to a patient.

Miscounting occurs in surgeries more often than you think

Whether it is a scheduled routine surgery or an emergency surgery, patients in California and elsewhere often have many concerns regarding the procedure they are about to undergo. While a highly trained and educated surgeon will conduct them, these medical professionals are still humans that are capable of human errors. A simple medical error could mean the difference between a successful surgery and the patient not surviving the procedure. Thus, patients harmed by a surgical error should be aware of their rights and what options are afforded to them following such a tragic incident.

Study: Medication error rate unchanged after 10 years

While the medical industry continues to advance and certain careers become more specialized, there is not an amount of training and education that will completely rid the occupation of errors and mistakes. While this may be due to the fact that doctors and surgeons are humans, thus subject to human errors, patients could also be harmed by pure negligence. Thus, when medical errors do harm a patient, it is imperative to understand how the event occurred and who was responsible. Being aware of this could help with holding that medical professional accountable and with the collection of compensation.

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