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I slipped in a restaurant - what do I do now?

My husband and I started out on an evening on the town, dinner and a movie, it turned into a nightmare in the local emergency room, We were at our favorite restaurant and I slipped, it was completely unexpected.

Police looking for hit-and-run driver

According to the California Highway Patrol, a hit-and-run driver crashed into and killed a 41-year old Hemet woman inMoreno Valley. The police investigated and assumed he was going west and crossed into the eastbound lane to pass the woman. He might have forced the woman off the road.

Hazardous intersection in San Bernardino

A few months ago, a terrible accident occurred on the corner of Del Rosa Avenue and Date Place. The intersection has three gas stations and is close to the 210 Freeway entrance. A driver ran into a motorcyclist, which caused the motorcyclist to fly about 50 feet into the air and broke his leg. The San Bernardino Police Department, after collecting accident data for over five years, determined that this intersection is the most dangerous in the city.

Baby's body missing

Talk about awful news. It is bad enough when a baby dies at birth or soon after, but when the baby's body disappears also.... that is just not right. A baby born prematurely at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Northern California died two hours after being born. The body was misplaced and found six days later in the pathology department's refrigerator.

What to do if a car accident happens

With the holidays upon us, so many vehicles are out on the roads - shopping, visiting family and friends, going somewhere. Everyone is in a hurry to get to his or her destination. Unfortunately, too many accidents occur this time of year. Here are some tips for holiday driving.

Slip and Fall Causes

Everyone knows someone who is walking around minding their own business when all of a sudden they slip and fall. It just happens; there is nothing in the way. The person feels silly and makes excuses like being clumsy when he or she gets up. They realize they are in a lot of pain.

School bus driver puts children at risk - San Bernardino

I just heard about a school bus driver, who made a U-turn in front of a pickup truck. The bus had 21 students aboard. Lucky for the school bus driver none of the students was hurt. The school bus driver was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor drunk driving (blood alcohol content above the legal limit) and child endangerment. It seems she was drinking the night before and the alcohol was still in her bloodstream. The school district will make a decision whether to suspend or fire her. She has been a bus driver for 16 years and has never been involved in an accident. Several parents called to say she is a good person.

A violation of the vehicle code applies to bicycles - San Bernardino

At our family Sunday dinner, my nephew was complaining about a friend of his who was stopped by a police officer for riding his bike through a stop sign without stopping first. It is funny because in today's newspaper, I read about something very similar.


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